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May 25 2018

Star Wars Spinoff About Boba Fett Is in Development With James Mangold

Lucasfilm and Disney are hard at work on multiple Star Wars project, and the latest to join the list is yet another spinoff.

The new film in the works centers on Boba Fett, THR reports. The bounty hunter -- a clone of Jango Fett -- was first introduced in the original trilogy. In "Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back" and "Episode VI -- Return of the Jedi," he worked under Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt. The character later was part of "Episode II -- Attack of the Clones," the TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," as well as numerous comic books, video games, and more.

Lucasfilm and Disney have tapped "Logan" director James Mangold to both write and direct the standalone movie. He has a number of high-profile films on his resume, including "Walk the Line" and "Girl, Interrupted." The Boba Fett project would, of course, be another.

The cloned bounty hunter is in good company when it comes to Star Wars universe characters set to be featured in their own film. Han Solo's smuggling days are the focus of the forthcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story," and there is an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie currently in development.

[via: THR]

May 24 2018

'Parks and Recreation' Cast Would Do a Revival, Says Amy Poehler

If you've been missing Pawnee, Indiana, since "Parks and Recreation" ended three years ago, take comfort in knowing that we might get to go back someday.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman were guests during the May 24 episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres" show, and they got our hopes up, big time. When host DeGeneres brought up the idea of a "Parks and Rec" revival, Poehler barely let her get the question out before answering in the affirmative, saying, "Anytime."

"I'll speak for everybody and say we would all do it," the comedian said. "I think we'd all do it someday. ... It would be amazing."

For his part, Offerman was a little less effusive, but then again, he doesn't necessarily seem like the most demonstrative guy. He did say that Poehler is "the boss," seemingly indicating that he'd follow her lead. He also tossed out the idea of Beyoncé joining as the mayor; that was probably a joke, but why not start with a big wish list and see what can happen?

Watch them discuss a revival below, starting around 2:20.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airs weekdays.

On the Floor with Core: Sight Unseen Offsite 2018's 201 Mulberry Location

72andSunny Parts With 5% of Staff in Its L.A. Headquarters

MDC Partners' 72andSunny laid off an unspecified number of employees amounting to "less than 5 percent" of total staff in its Los Angeles office this week, several days after its relationship with Infiniti came to an end. According to a statement from an agency spokesperson, the company is currently undergoing an internal reorganization in order...

'Stranger Things' Brings Together 2 Departed Characters to Rewatch Their Death Scenes

There were some sad deaths in "Stranger Things" Season 2, and Netflix clearly knows we're not totally over them yet.

The streamer released a video Thursday called "A Stranger Things Reunion" that gives a happy ending to two former cast members in a unique way. It features Sean Astin, who played the heroic Bob Newby, and Mews the cat, both of whom were brutally killed by Demodogs in Season 2. The video answers the question "where are they now?" and offers reassurance in a tongue-in-cheek way that they're doing fine. To be honest, the healing might be more for us than it is for them.

As you can see, there is life after being killed off of "Stranger Things": Netflix will bring you back every once in a while to give fans more of what they want -- and to help promote the show.

"Stranger Things" Season 3 is currently in production, and new episodes are expected to hit Netflix in 2019.

The Baby Name Cersei Is Spreading Thanks to 'Game of Thrones'

Cersei Lannister is arguably the worst person in the Seven Kingdoms, and yet her name is spreading.

Every year, the Social Security Administration releases baby name data, and it shared 2017's this month. The SSA tracks names that more than five boys or girls born in the United States are given each year, and for the first time, a certain "Game of Thrones" villain broke through. Cersei made the cut after 11 baby girls received that moniker, The Mercury News reports.

Now, 11 babies hardly constitutes a trend, but it does show a growing popularity. The spread is interesting especially when you consider that Cersei (Lena Headey) is hardly the person most parents would want their kids to emulate in many senses. Just to recap: She sleeps with her brother, is responsible for numerous murders, regularly manipulates people, and the list goes on. Still, the name apparently has its appeal.

There's no denying the power of "Game of Thrones," of course. Countless other fans turned to the show for baby name inspiration, too. The SSA data also shows that there were 20 baby Sansas, 110 Daeneryses, and a whopping 2,156 Aryas born in 2017. Those names have only increased in popularity during the series' seven seasons. For example, Arya was the 942nd most popular baby name in 2010 -- the year before "Game of Thrones" premiered -- and it has steadily climbed since, making its way to 135th in 2017.

We doubt Cersei will see the kind of rise that Arya has seen, but the name does seem to be on its way up.

[via: The Mercury News]

'Hair' Picked as NBC's Next Live Musical
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Defamation Suit Filed Against Diet Madison Avenue May Test the Limits of Speech on Social Media

In what would appear to be the first direct legal challenge to the Diet Madison Avenue Instagram account, former CP+B chief creative officer Ralph Watson has filed a civil case accusing it, along with two anonymous parties who allegedly help run the account, of defamation. Campaign first reported on the suit earlier today. The case...

Tak naprawdę uczucie Miłości u mężczyzny i kobiety jest to samo – jeśli jest prawdziwe. Bo ten sam Bóg łączy dwoje ludzi. Strona psychofizyczna jest inna – ale to już wynika z różnic pomiędzy mężczyzna i kobietą. Ale pomimo tych różnic – właśnie ta różnorodność powoduje wzajemne dopasowanie i zarazem zapobiega nudzie i budzi fascynację.

Jeśli mężczyzna i kobieta będą naśladowali Boga w Jego Miłości do człowieka – nie ma siły, która zniszczyłaby Miłość pomiędzy nimi. Każdą przeszkodę przejdą, każdemu problemowi dadzą radę. Ale muszą mieć wspólny cel – jak Go nie maja, nie ma między nimi Miłości.


Rejoice, 'Queer Eye' Fans: Season 2 Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

Fans of the rebooted "Queer Eye" series who've been desperately awaiting the premiere of season two are in luck: New episodes are set to launch on Netflix next month.

The streaming service revealed the exciting news on social media on Thursday, tweeting out a fun promo video -- in the guise of a group text between the new Fab Five -- that teased that the show would finally "give the people what they want" (a.k.a., additional episodes). And they're premiering in a matter of weeks.

Who gave us permission? 🤩 New episodes June 15 🌈 pic.twitter.com/6yp3r2HnpW

— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) May 24, 2018

#QueerEye Season 2 premieres June 15 pic.twitter.com/Dish0G9fIf

— See What's Next (@seewhatsnext) May 24, 2018

"Can you believe?" the promo clip eagerly asks.

Many fans couldn't, reacting to the news with shock and overwhelming enthusiasm on Twitter. After all, "Queer Eye" only just hit Netflix in February of this year, so new episodes weren't expected to debut so soon.

But the eight-episode mini season was an instant smash with both critics and viewers alike, making a renewal a no-brainer for Netflix. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the new Fab Five dished about season two -- which will also consist of eight episodes -- and revealed that the new installments "will break from tradition — hence why 'for the Straight Guy' isn't part of the revival's title — and feature the show's first female and first trans male subjects."

Sounds shamazing. The new episodes will debut on June 15 on Netflix.

[via: Netflix/Twitter, Entertainment Weekly]

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“Ze smutkiem trzeba tak walczyć, jak z chorobą. Nie dopuścić, żeby się stał chronicznym stanem, nałogiem myśli i uczuć. Trzeba mu przeciwstawić cele i dążenia, które pozostały żywe, trzeba przeciwstawić obowiązek względem ludzi - ludzi bliskich i Tobie oddanych. Rozumiesz? Jest w Tobie więcej sił, niż Ci się teraz zdaje.
— Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
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